• Instalation:
    • Download the complete calendar package.
    • Unzip the file.
    • Upload all the files a directory in your server (e.g. "calendar").
    • Open your browser to the calendar directory and run the ac-install.php file.
    • Note - the ac-config.inc.file will need write permissions (chmod 777) - alternatively you can modify it manually on your server.
    • Follow the install instructions. This file preforms the following actions:
      • Check database connection - if it fails, it checks write permission on ac-config.inc.php file then shows a form for indicating your database connection data.
      • Once ac-config.inc.php has been configured, it writes the database tables and default data to the database.
      • Shows basic calendar configuration parameters (url, title, num months etc) - these can later be changed from the administration panel.
    • Once the install process is complete, remove the ac-install.php file from the ftp and change the write permissions on the ac-config.inc.php so that it is unwritable.
    • Login to admin ( eg. http://www.your_url.com/calendar/ac-admin/)
      user: admin
      password: demo
      Note - change these default values as soon as possible!
    • Define your calendar items.
    • Include the calendar in your web or application (see readme.txt for more information).
    • That's all. If you are happy and you like it, feel free to make a donation :)
    • NEW - lang folder and files need write permissions (chmod 777) to be able to be administrated via admin
  • Requirements:
    • PHP 4 or greater
    • MYSQL database
    • Javascript enabled browser
  • Further Information:
    • Use the Forum for help etc.
    • For custom integration, commercial license etc. please Contact me directly.
  • To do:
    • Month and weekly bookings.
    • Examples of public calendar integration with (eg.) online booking form.
    • Administration of States CSS colors and special state images.
    • Simplify integration method
    • Any day start
  • Current user suggestions / recommendations:
  • Change Log:
    • 2012-03-08 - Version 3.03.07
      • Fix database dump issue on some servers (missing id_external_ref).
      • Fix for date_default_timezone_set() issue on newer PHP installs.
      • Fix css display issue in install script.
    • 2012-02-13 - Version 3.03.06
      • Fix display issue for April 2012 and other months requiring extra row of empty dates.
      • Path changes to resolve issue with Windows servers
      • Language check bug fixed when adding new language (on some servers)
      • Check that install script has been deleted after installation (for security)
      • Other minor bug fixes.
    • 2011-08-30 - Version 3.03.05
      • fix minor css error
    • 2011-08-10 - Version 3.03.04
      • Fix language file not found error on servers not accepting $_REQUEST
      • Modified code to allow NUM_MONTHS to be over-ridden by $_GET[num_months] (otherwise default value is used)
      • Added ID column to calendar items list in admin - this is the id used for iframes etc. and removed id_external_ref column to avoid confusion (this field is not used by the code)
      • Fixed encoding bug for weekdays - http://forum.ajaxavailabilitycalendar.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1014
      • Other minor adjustments.
    • 2011-01-31 - Version 3.03.03
      • Fix security risk
      • Bug Fixes as reported in the forum:
        - Last Update date
        - Language directory issues
        - JavaScript error which caused IE8 to freeze in admin.
      • Admin specific calendar css style sheet to allow customization of front-end calendar without affecting the admin panel.
      • Other minor adjustments.
    • 2010-02-07 - Version 3.03 (first public release of version 3)
      • New Item field "id ref" to hold an external reference id number (for example for applications that already have the items in a separate database table).
      • Administration of Booking Stages and Item "active states"
      • Added support for themes (currently only default theme provided)
      • Restructure of directory and file system
    • 2009-11-07 Version 3.02
      • Language administration added - languages can now be added and edited via admin.
      • New function to get calendar last update date "get_cal_update_date(ID_ITEM)"
    • September 2009 Version 3.01
      • User admin added to allow individual users to be added with permission to administrate their own calendars but NOT the general calendar details (states etc)
    • August 2009 Version 3.0
      • Complete rewrite of version 2.
      • Use Mootools for all javascript needs
      • Complete administration panel to control all aspects of the calendar
      • Unlimited "states" now possible
      • Many other new features

Important - PHP 8

There is an issue with the script in PHP 8 which is causing the calendar to not display properly.
Here is a quick fix for existing versions (no need to update):

In ac-includes > common.inc.php and change line 16 (latest version) from this:

//error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
to this:

This code turns off PHP error reporting just for the calendar script.

Version 4

I am currently working a completely new version to adapt the code to more modern development techniques.

Follow the project on Github

See demo version 4

icon version 4
New features:
  • Converted into Web Component.
  • No external JavaScript libraries.
  • No images - use modern CSS to show availabililty states.
  • Calendar loaded via JavaScript (no more iFrames).
  • Simple CSS.
  • Responsive:
    • Automatically calculates the number of months to show.
    • The month days adapt to fill the available space.
  • Sinple integration into front-end bookings form.
  • Renovated admin panel with:
    • Possibility to add basic booking details.
    • Interactive customise styling "no code".
    • Language translations stored in the database.
    • Unlimited users and items.
    • Password reminder via email.

Help with installation?

The calendar script is very simple to set up on your server. However, if you prefer, I can install the calendar on your server for you.
Requirements: I will of course also require ftp access to your server. The cost for this service is 40 Euros * (payable via Paypal) however this may need to be adjusted if you have "special" installation requirements.
If you are interested in this option, don't hesitate to contact me via my contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

* Not included in base price: